Value for you dollar. Your video or elearning project may have a lifespan. This determines tech specs (HD / 4K) and style (styles change). This TDG project was built in 2010 and is still a great video. Segments of the video are also included in an online version. The content is utilized in multiple formats, all identified in our ICEPAC process. Over 8 years and still working!

Spending some quality time up in Edson working with Innovative Pipeline Crossings you can really see the value of an aerial drone in this promotional informational video. The drone lets you get angles and relate the experience to the viewer in the best way possible. We are certified drone operators with over 5 years of successful and safe drone operation.

Having worked with ENFORM, now Energy Safety Canada for over 10 years helping build numerous video & eLearning projects including the PSTS and eGSO we were happy to work on this project. Yes, Hand Signals... but Hand Signals mixed with Football = FUN! Get creative once in a while! Learning can be interesting.